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Speccy by Piriform Ltd. 1.0

A handy system information tool that helps you to know more about your hardware
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In earlier days, only computer-literate people could check the configuration of their computer’s hardware. But today times have changed, and with simple tools like Speccy from Piriform, you can know anything you want to know about your system. Besides, whenever you need to know more about your hardware in order to upgrade it, you really need to know the type, model, version, etc., and even some manufacturer’s details. With Speccy, you do not need to search for your purchase invoice to know that - you just need to run this tool to figure it out.

Most of the information available about your computer can be obtained from Windows itself. The details can be gathered by visiting different sections of your operating system. However, Speccy brings up all those details regarding your CPU, motherboard, RAM, graphic cards, hard drives, optical drives, and audio support, along with the temperature, all in one single interface and in seconds.

When it comes to network connections, it will not only give you all the hardware details, but also your connection details! This includes which IP you are connected internally and externally with, the ISP name and host name, as well as the location from where you are geographically connected.

Overall, Speccy is a tool that will give you a nice and accurate snapshot of your system. In fact, you may even want to save screen shots of multiple computer configurations for later reference. As a bonus, it can export all gathered data as an XML file.

Sundaram Ramanujam
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